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"Preserving the Romance"

Where did we get our start?

A few years back, as our first Grandson was starting to walk, I saw that my Son-In-Law had his "G" Gauge engines in a bookcase in their living room. The LGB Mogel that you see to the left was within reach of the little hands of our Grandson. I could just envision him reaching for it because of the bright colors and breaking a piece off, if not pulling it off of the shelf. Besides, our Daughter was saying how hard it was to keep her husband's trains dusted without damaging them. That Christmas I decided to make a display case to give to my Son-In-Law. He really appreciated it. Now he displays his engine proudly.

We know that this is not an unique situation. Every serious collector of model trains comes across the same dilemma. We can help!

Quality First!

You deserve nothing but the best in the way of quality and appeal. Each case is made of high quality oak wood and acrylic materials, and hand crafted to meet your demands. No need to worry about scratching the furniture since each case is supported by heavy duty felt pads.

All models of our display cases are designed to maximize the beauty and detail of your prize train models. The standard inside lengths of the display cases are 36”, 30”, and 24” for Standard and “G” gauge trains. An 18” model is available for “O" gauge trains. For those of you who collect “HO” and "N" gauge trains, we now have 13" and 18" display cases that meet your needs.

If your needs are for a larger case than those standard sizes, contact us for a quote so we can meet your model train displaying needs. Many already have.

Be sure to visit our web site for updates on new products. You can also contact us at TAM.Industries@verizon.net to place additional orders. 

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