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Custom Model Train Display Cases - Assembly Instructions

What you will find as you open your display package?

Your display case comes in pre-assembled units that lock together. They can be interlocked as they come from the box, even though we recommend following the instructions below. Each display case comes with the parts that are illustrated below, along with a tube of Loctite Epoxy, a string, felt pads and your instruction sheet.

Where do you begin?

  1. Unwrap each piece and remove the protection sheets from the acrylic sides. If your display has the mirror option, the grey side has no protective cover, only the reflective side does. Be sure that the reflective side is facing the inside of the case. If you ordered engraving to be done on the front panel, be sure the engraved side is also facing the inside of the display case.
  2. Assemble the display case as shown, but in the upside down position for a dry run. It is recommended to start with the top piece, part “TG” by placing it on a flat surface with the grooves up. Please note that parts “SG” have black markings on the wood pieces. This is the ends that should be in contact with part “TG”.
  3. Disassemble and prepare to apply small amounts of Loctite epoxy in the slots of parts "SG" and “TG”, and insert in the acrylic panels "FG". Applying a 1" long bead every 2" of groove should be sufficient. Place the base on for alignment, but do not glue them to the "BASE". If some Loctite epoxy squeezes out, do not wipe it off as this could smear it. When the epoxy drys, take a razor blade and carefully run it on the edge of the wood and peel it off of the acrylic.
  4. Take the string and tie it around the sides to help keep them snug as the epoxy cures. Placing weights (i.e. books) on top of the display is highly recommended.
  5. Install the felt pads on the “BASE” that will be in contact with the table surface.
  6. After a minimum of 30 minutes to cure, turn the display case over, cut the string, separate the top half from the base and position your prize train for display.
  7. To clean the acrylic sides, use any non-abrasive window cleaner and a clean soft cotton rag, i.e. a T-shirt.

Now you are ready to display you prize piece for everyone to enjoy.

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