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Custom Display Cases

With so many options available, what else can be custom?

Even though we offer a great many options for your custom model train display cases, sometime you need to display more. You may need to show off more than just an engine and tender. Some customers had requested designs for displaying other models, such as cars and ship. If your needs are for a larger custom model train display case than those standard sizes or for some other treasure, contact us at the email address below for a quote so we can meet your displaying needs.

The display case you see was designed for Tristan Griffith of Bakersfield, California. The case measures 51"x 10"x 17", and has a mirrored back. It is proudly displayed on a bookcase in his living room.

WinchesterThis display case was designed for Diane Griffith of Bakersfield, California.  The displays a .22 cal Winchester rifle that was her fathers.  This is a permanent display case, meaning it is not openable. It is proudly displayed over the fireplace in her living room. 

Brooks JonesThis case was designed to house a model of the Twenty Mule Team Borax that was used in Death Valley, California.  This case measures 48"x 6"x 6", and has an oak back panel for a more rustic presentation.  This display case was designed for Brooks Jones of Huntington Beach CA.

Be sure to visit our web site for updates on new products. You can also contact us at TAM.Industries@verizon.net to place additional orders.

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