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Custom Model Train Display Cases - "G" Gauge, "1" Gauge, or LGB

A Brief History of LGB.

G scale was introduced by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk under their brand name of LGB , meant for indoor/outdoor use. Lehmann was, until its recent bankruptcy, the major European manufacturer of G scale trains, and considered the one that really made garden railways popular. Their trains are sold as the Lehmann Gross Bahn (or "Lehmann Big Train"). Lehman Patentwerk was founded in 1881 and started producing LGB in 1968. The remains of the company, subject to seemingly endless litigation, have been bought by Marklin, and production of certain items seems to be continuing. The US side of the company, known formerly as LGB of America [LGBoA], has somewhat less clear position in the newly-arranged company under the Marklin aegis. LGB produces models of European and US originals, of steam, diesel and electric prototypes as well as a large range of coaches, trucks and accessories. ( From Wikipedia)

Why use a Custom Model Train Display Case from TAM Industries?

You deserve nothing but the best in the way of quality and appeal. Each case is made of high quality oak wood and acrylic materials, and hand crafted to meet your demands. No need to worry about scratching the furniture since each case is supported by heavy duty felt pads.

G Modern
The Modern Line (NEW)
24 inch, "G" gauge display case, with track, finished in Dark Oak.

All models of our display cases are designed to maximize the beauty and detail of your prize train models.  The standard inside lengths of the display cases are 36”, 30”, and 24” for “G” gauge trains. Pricing starts at $103 for a basic 24" model, and going to $234 for a 42" model with track installed.

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If your needs are for a larger case than those standard sizes, contact us for a quote so we can meet your model train displaying needs.

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