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A Brief History of "O" Gauge.

O scale (or O gauge ) is a scale commonly used for toy trains and model railroading . Originally introduced by German toy manufacturer Märklin around 1900, by the 1930s three-rail alternating current O gauge was the most common model railroad scale in the United States and remained so until the early 1960s. In Europe, its popularity declined before World War II due to the introduction of smaller scales. Britain used a lower voltage direct current system.

O gauge had its heyday when model railroads were considered toys, with more emphasis placed on cost, durability, and the ability to be easily handled and operated by pre-adult hands. Detail and realism were secondary concerns, at best.

In the United States and Great Britain 0 gauge is written "O gauge" with the letter "O" and is pronounced as "Oh gauge". It remains a popular choice for hobbyists who enjoy running trains more than they enjoy other aspects of modeling, and collecting vintage O gauge trains is also popular. A number of changes in recent years have addressed the concerns of scale model railroaders, making O scale more popular. ( From Wikipedia)

Why use a Custom Model Train Display Case from TAM Industries?

You deserve nothing but the best in the way of quality and appeal. Each case is made of high quality oak wood and acrylic materials, and hand crafted to meet your demands. No need to worry about scratching the furniture since each case is supported by heavy duty felt pads.

O Gauge
The Modern Line (NEW)
24 inch, "O" gauge display case, with track, finished in Golden Oak.

All models of our display cases are designed to maximize the beauty and detail of your prize train models.  We now offer our "O" Gauge Display Cases in two styles, the Executive Line and the Modern Line.  The standard inside lengths of the display cases are 36”, 30”, 24" and 18” (Executive Only) for “O” gauge trains. Pricing starts at $103 for a basic 24" model, and going to $234 for a 42" model with track installed.

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If your needs are for a larger case than those standard sizes, contact us for a quote so we can meet your model train displaying needs.

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